2023 National Merit Scholarship Competition

21 Mt. Lebanon High School students received letters of commendation for their performance on the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Competition based on their results of the October 2021 PSAT, which these students took as a junior.  These students placed in the top 50,0000 scorers of more than 1.5 million students who took the 2021 PSAT as a junior.  

While scoring exceptionally high on the PSAT (at least 207 out of 228 on the selection index), they do not qualify for the scholarship competition.

Please join us in congratulating these students on this high achievement.  (These students are in addition to the 6 National Merit Semifinalists.)

Mt. Lebanon High School's Commended students are:

First Name Last Name
Jonathan Barnes
Yash Botre
Zachariah Bramonth
Davi Cabussu Farias
Taij Chothani
Liberty Cooper
Grayson Dee
Victoria Finizio
Deborah Fu
Flynn Gosnell
Adrienne Hagins
Andrew Hogg
Julia Lotter
Isabelle Malizio
Kyra McCague
Victor Nowatzki
Lily Stern
Jessica Tang
Anvi Tatkar
Drue Whitson
Donald Zoffel