Parkway's Freshman of the Year

Parkway's Freshman of the Year

Congratulations to Sarah Hofmann, Parkway West CTC's "Freshman of the Year".   Each month teachers nominate a student for Student of the Month.  One student per session is selected.  The student has to have an A/B in class, maintain good attendance, have NO discipline or safety infractions for the month they are nominated and be an individual the teacher believes is a good example of a successful student.   At the end of the school year they review every Student of the Month Nominee and from that group of students we select the Freshman, Sophomore, etc of the Year.  Parkway teachers and administrators reviewed all the freshman nominated and found Sarah was the student they felt represented the characteristics they look for in a successful student:

Her work ethic is outstanding

She does non-required assignments

She has a 4.0 average

She has a quiet confidence about her.  One that animals respond to.  

She is very compassionate.

She is always pleasant and smiling.