Shakespeare Monologue and Scene Competition

Mt. Lebanon High School Students Appreciate The Bard

Mt. Lebanon High School students participated in Pittsburgh Public Theater’s Shakespeare Monologue and Scene Competition, which allows students to learn and appreciate the works of William Shakespeare while gaining experience in the art of theatrical performance. The competition attracts over 1,000 area students annually.

For this year’s virtual competition, Mt. Lebanon freshman Theresa Lascek, sophomores Sydney Martin and Brynn Murawski, junior Melanie Rayl, and senior Alex Aracri memorized, polished, and submitted excellent performances. 

Special congratulations to junior Melanie Rayl, whose performance earned honorable mention.  

Please join sponsor Mrs. Nicole Glover in applauding our Lebo participants’ outstanding effort.  We look forward to getting back to the O’Reilly Theater next year!