Community Service

Students at Mt. Lebanon High School are encouraged to perform volunteer work throughout their school years. Volunteer work is not a requirement for graduation from the high school. In order to be considered for admission to the National Honor Society during a student's junior or senior year, five hours of In School credit and five hours of Out of School credit must be accumulated each academic year, beginning in the freshman year.

There are two Community Service forms that are available to students. One can be used to record completed volunteer work (an Action Report) and the second one can be used to request to tutor elementary age students who attend school in the Mt. Lebanon school district or to assist with raking leaves and/or shoveling snow for the elderly who live in Mt. Lebanon. The forms are available below. They can be printed, filled in appropriately and then submitted to Mrs. Kolko in room D416 in the Student Activities office. The Action Report form is also available on a table outside of room D416. Students and parents/guardians can also contact Mrs. Kolko through email at or phone at 412.344.2105 or visit her in the Student Activities office during the school day.

The Mt. Lebanon School District does not endorse or recommend individual Community Service opportunities that are publicly posted within Mt. Lebanon High School. Community service opportunities are posted for informational purposes only.

Volunteer Opportunities

Action Report

Students Requesting Community Service Form

Student Activities Director
Judith Kolko