9th Grade Individualized Guidance Plans (IGPs)

Ninth grade IGPs offer an opportunity for families and students to engage their school counselor in a discussion about academics, school activities and social transition. Items discussed include:

  • Reviewing academic transition(s) and the appropriateness of course rigor
  • Reviewing academic supports available at the high school
  • Planning for the following year's course selections
  • Outlining a 4-year plan of course studies as it relates to Mt. Lebanon High School graduation requirements
  • Discussing curricular interests as they relate to future educational opportunities and career exposure/exploration
  • Discussing and identifying opportunities for involvement in school and community activities
  • Exploring social transition to the high school

Parents of current freshmen will receive direct invitation and more details from the high school counseling office in early to mid-.January. Counselors will meet with all of their freshmen at IGPs through the months of February and March. If you have any questions about these meetings, please do not hesitate to call your high school counselor directly. We look forward to meeting with you and your child(ren).

10th Grade Career Unit

At the post-secondary level, colleges and trade schools often provide assistance in career and job placement activities. We are pleased to provide you with commentary from different voices in the college career services field. Below please find two Skype interviews with experts in the college career services field. Both of the interview participants addressed three areas of interest:

* What happens in a college career services center
* What are the emerging trends in the job market
* What skills do our 21st century learners need to embrace to be competitive in the job market of the future

November 2015 - Mr. Richard Fann II MPIA

Mr. Fann is a career consultant in the health related fields. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh in both Political Science and Psychology. In addition Mr. Fann attended graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh where he earned a Master of Public and International Affairs. Mr. Fann has been working in the field of higher education for 9 years and as a career consultant for the past 6 years.

Mr. Fann's Video Part I

Mr. Fann's Video Part II

Mr. Fann's Video Part III

February 2014 - Ms. Klingensmith

Ms. Klingensmith is the Assistant Director of Career Services at Washington and Jefferson College. She has over 10 years of experience in the field of career development and employment services. Ms Klingensmith has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts in College Student Personnel from Slippery Rock University.

Please take a few moments to view the interview with Ms. Klingensmith

Ms. Klingensmith's Video Part I

Ms. Klingensmith's Video Part II

Ms. Klingensmith's Video Part III

During our sophomore year small group meetings, we provide a session on career exploration and an introduction to the Naviance career and college search software tool. Click here for the 10th Grade Career Unit PowerPoint Presentation. You may also access Naviance

11th Grade College Planning Meeting

Junior year can be a busy time for both families and students. However, it is important to keep in mind that your son or daughter is moving toward graduation and will soon be faced with important decisions about post-secondary planning. In an effort to keep you better informed, we hosted an information session for junior parents in regard to college testing (SAT/ACT) and the college search process.

Click here for the information session slide show

Parent Form

11th Grade Individualized Guidance Plans (IGP)

Eleventh grade IGPs offer an opportunity for families and students to engage their school counselor in a discussion about academics, post-secondary planning and career interests/goals. Items discussed include:

  • Finalizing the senior schedule
  • Reviewing credit status as it pertains to Mt. Lebanon High School's graduation requirements
  • Reviewing current QPA and other official transcript information
  • Discussing and planning for college entrance exams (SAT Reasoning, ACT Plus, SAT Subject Tests)
  • Discussing and planning for post-secondary educational options and career interests/goals
  • Sharing information about the post-secondary education and career search processes
  • Sharing information about scholarship opportunities and financial aid timelines

Parents of current juniors will receive direct invitation and more details from the high school counseling office in early to mid-September.. Counselors will meet with all of their junior students at IGPs through the months of October and November.
If you have any questions about these meetings, please do not hesitate to call your high school counselor directly. We look forward to meeting with you and your child(ren).

Aviation Academy at CCBC

NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION will be held on Monday, August 27, 2018. This is also the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for the ACADEMY. Letters were sent to students/parents on August 6th. If you have any scheduling issues, please contact Mrs. Schneider in the School Counseling Office.

Students in the AVIATION ACADEMY will follow the Parkway Schedule - starting on August 27th. See the Parkway Schedule here.

Bussing for both the Aviation Academy & Parkway departs the High School promptly at 7:10am. Students are encouraged to be here by 7:00am and meet outside C-20.

Interested in a career in Aviation and not already enrolled? Contact Mrs. Schneider in the Counseling Office (F-306) for details on the Aviation program offered to 11th & 12th grade students through CCBC Aviation AcademyIt truly is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Already contacted Mrs. Schneider and still interested? Click here for an application.

Awards Ceremony

Each year at the Awards Ceremony we take time to honor and recognize a group of special students who demonstrate the highest levels of academic excellence as well as superb work outside of the classroom through athletics, extra-curricular activities, and service to our community. These students have been selected by scholarship committees to receive financial scholarships and/or awards for their achievements. We congratulate all our winners.

Please view the 2016 Awards Ceremony below in two parts.

Part I:

Part II:

Community Service Link

For information about community service, please visit the Community Service webpage here.

Cum Laude

Cum Laude Ceremony 2019

The Cum Laude Society is an international organization founded in 1906 with the purpose of according recognition for scholastic achievement at the secondary school level. The Cum Laude Society was modeled after the college honor society, Phi Beta Kappa.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for seniors for the Mt. Lebanon High School Chapter are as follows:

  • Students must have earned a minimum of 31 credits in required college preparatory English, academic mathematics, history and social science, languages, and science in grades 9, 10, 11 and the first half of grade 12.
  • Students must have earned a minimum of 3.9 weighted quality point average (WQPA), including points added for special circumstances, based on all A's and B's and no more than one C in the above mentioned academic fields and no grade below a C in any subject on which the WQPA is based. The WQPA for entrance may be higher than 3.9 if the maximum per year allowed by the Cum Laude Charter is reached (20% of the senior class). A group of students with the same WQPA will not be inducted if the number in that group brings the cumulative total of eligible students above 20% of the senior class. For example, in a class of 350 students, where no more than 70 students can be admitted, if 65 eligible students have a QPA of 4.4 and above and 10 eligible students share a QPA of 4.3, the cutoff will be 4.4.
  • Students new to Mt. Lebanon High School must have spent at least the full first semester of the senior year at the high school and must have met the credit and quality point requirements prescribed above during the time spent in Mt. Lebanon High School, as well as in grades 9, 10, and 11 in any previous schools.

Graduation Requirements

For Graduation Requirements please refer to the most current Course Catalog found here. 


  • Beginning with the class of 2014, in order to be eligible for graduation, a student must demonstrate mastery on the Keystone Exams: Algebra 1, English Literature, and Biology. The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to assess proficiency in the subject area. This requirement will be considered a stand-alone graduation requirement and as such, will not be calculated into the final course grade.
  • In order to be eligible for graduation, children with disabilities will be required to pass the Keystone Exams or alternate assessments, as determined by each child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team.
  • Should a student not demonstrate proficiency on a Keystone Exam, the student will be required to participate in a supplemental instruction program and retake the Exam up through and including the student’s junior year of high school. A student, in his/her senior year, who does not score proficient on a Keystone Exam, will be eligible to complete a project-based assessment. A project-based assessment can raise a student’s Keystone score to the proficient score, but not beyond it.

National Honor Society Link

For information about National Honor Society, please visit their website here

Parkway West Career and Technology Center



Parkway Shadow Experience Permission Form  Parkway Interest Survey

Students interested in shadowing at Parkway must return both the Permission Form and the Interest Survey to Mrs. Schneider in the High School Counseling Office no later than January 7th.

Parent Instructions for accessing the Parent Portal


Transportation for Parkway leaves promptly at 7:10am. Students should be at C-20 by 7:00am.

Parkway West Career and Technology Center offers high school students the opportunity to gain immediate employment and/or advanced placement within many area colleges and technical schools. Students interested in exploring the following programs: Auto Body Repair, Automotive Technology, Building Construction Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Digital Multimedia, Electrical Systems Technology, Health Assistant, HVAC/R, Information Technology Essentials, Public Safety Technology, SMARTT, Veterinary Assistant Technology & Welding Technology.

Our counseling department K-12 is developing a comprehensive and integrated K-12 career plan. Our goal is to address the importance of career planning for all students related to labor market projections and workforce needs. The following videos were shared with counselors during their State training that we would like to share with you.

Student Curriculum Advisory Council

The Student Curriculum Advisory Council (SCAC) provides students of all grade levels the opportunity to meet monthly to discuss curriculum with a designated department chair from the following departments:

  • English
  • Social Studies/Family Consumer
  • Mathematics/Computer Science/BIT
  • Science/Technology
  • World Languages
  • Health/Physical Education
  • School Counseling
  • Practical Arts

Agendas include the following:

  • Department chairs outline new curricular offerings available for the current and next school year
  • Department chairs discuss the goals of the department and the long-term view and future of the department.
  • Department chairs ask for input from students on curricular issues. Student experiences provide valuable feedback for program adjustments.
  • Students provide input about potential new courses they would like to see added.
  • Department chairs take input gained from students and disseminate it to their department.

Students may sign-up to join SCAC during the Activities Fair offered each fall in Center Court during periods 4, 5 & 6.

Summer Learning Opportunities

Many summer learning opportunities are brought to our attention throughout the course of the year. We do not endorse any programs but list them for your convenience in Naviance.

To view the list in NavianceStudent look under Colleges/Research Colleges/Enrichment Programs.  Directions for Naviance login are here. 

Summer School




The Mt. Lebanon High School Continuing Education Program will be offering Health this summer. This course satisfies the Mt. Lebanon High School graduation requirement.

Click here for program description and enrollment information or call 412.344.2020 to reach the Continuing Education Office.